Last Friday we have Brazilian couple enjoying rainy night inside Kinoautomat. Here are some impressions>

“The experience of watching a film in KINOAUTOMAT, the smallest cinema in Berlin (and probably in the entire world), was very interesting. However the space is sufficient, but I suppose that it would be also possible to “expand” the cinema into a “3 places room” if necessary… So, although this is the smallest cinema ever, it has a lot of space inside. The Kiosk is very comfortable for two.

I went there with my girlfriend, and we watched a Serbian-German-Hungarian co-production (2007) called The Trap (original title: Klopka). The movie was fair, but that is not important at all. The experience itself was so nice, that the quality of the movie was a minor question. During the session in the cozy Kiosk, some strangers passed by to watch what was happening and why KINOAUTOMAT sign (light box) was on. I can imagine they were thinking what we are doing our private cinema theatre. Some people came closer, maybe to see which was the screening movie or to understand what was all about. For me, who am a cinephile, and from that perspective, the whole experience is mainly about loving movies. Or more than that, it’s about loving watching movies in a theater! Of course, it has many other characteristics: about the question of the space, and all the urban aspects that KINOAUTOMAT can bring intervention in public space. But in my romantically cinephile point of view, I prefer to feel and think the KINOAUTOMAT experience as a new possibility for film exhibition, aggregating the full of street life atmosphere and the magic and charm of a micro-cinema. 

I believe some movies could perfectly fit to the KINOAUTOMAT format: old classics in black and white, some thrillers and (why not?) horror movies. That would be cool.” (Pedro)

“My experience watching a movie in Kinoautomat was unique. To sit in a vintage kiosk situated in the middle of a cultural area in Berlin was by itself funny. To watch a movie in this smallest cinema in the world (just for 2) was something new and full of details for me. Being in this place made the movie going out of the screen and come to the street-life. It was almost like an open-air movie where you can see the sky behind the screen, but there you can see people, movement and nightlife. And this life comes to you many times – people approach to see what is happening inside the place. It’s somehow uncomfortable and funny the presence of the bystanders at the movie session. Uncomfortable because it’s something you’re not used to when you are in a cinema, so it’s something new, and funny because I can imagine a lot of questions people have in their mind when passing by: “What’s that? Why are they just two? Which movie is this? Can I watch it with them from outside?” (Sissi)


Last session of Kinoautomat hosted Juan and Matthias, randomly chosen from the pool of candidates. They watched Argentinean movie B.Aires-Solo por Hoy (2001). Check out what they said:

‘’Watching a movie in the smallest Kino in Berlin was an interesting experience, yet the size of the space was not the only remarkable aspect of the event. The facts that the walls enclosing the kiosk are completely transparent enable people from outside to peep in, thus making you feel like you are in a fish tank. Even if nobody is looking or even walking by you are still tempted to take a quick glance over your shoulder from time to time. Another feature that I think is worth mentioning is the possibility to make quick comments about the movie without having to worry about disturbing anybody else which is something you can only usually enjoy at home. Overall, watching a movie in such a setting was a good experience and I look forward to the next Kino night.’’ (Juan)

‘’Beside unusual setting and quite diverse movies selection, the most interesting thing was getting to know temporary movie-mate. That experience, different than in conventional cinema, gives possibility to comment together, to chat over boring scenes, to get a beer after cinema. I have been lucky that from very beginning my cine-mate and me get into ‘home atmosphere’, meaning putting legs on the table, eating popcorns and stopping movie to go to toilet. And just to remind you, all this in the public space in the centre of Berlin. Hard to believe! ‘’  (Matthias)

KINOAUTOMAT_the smallest cinema in Berlin_session 1

Our new format Kinoautomat test the field in between privacy and public viewing, offering hybrid cinematic experience inside K67_Urban Router.

Kinoautomat has only two seats but different ways how to get them: as a romantic couple searching for a cosy moment, as a cinema freak looking for a soul mate or as a blind-date fan. The only thing what we expect is a small report/post with your impressions.

Last Friday we had first guests, Eléonore&Simon, who pick-up the movie Serpico (1973, Al Pacino) from our collection. Here are some impressions:

” Watching a movie in this curious transparent booth brought an interesting interaction with the surrounding environment. The lights of the police cars on the street added cool special effects to Al Pacinos own police adventures, while curious people passing by couldn’t avoid peeping in and giving us the feeling of being a spectated spectator.” (Simon)

” The contradiction between public and private space is definitely overcome during this experience. It just feel like being in your own living-room at the crossroads of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Proposing a new use of this old container brings new perspectives to the vision of our contemporary cities.” (Eleonore)