Kiez Hören Moabit

Aug-Sep 2013, Moabit City Garden

Kiez Hören Moabit (Hearing the Kiez of Moabit) is a long-term research project in collaboration with sound-artists Guillermo Lares and Klaus Hamlescher, with an aim to describe and archive transformation of district Moabit using the sound as primary media. By introducing sound-cartography, sound-walks and sound-performances, Moabit City Garden has been turn into the hearing station with diverse audience, spatial characteristics and climate conditions.

3 main events showed multilayered sound condition of this particular space at the border of calm Kiez and heavy industry.


Collective Mapping Walk  (part of B_Tour Festival)  tried to re-communicate tour as artistic strategy and involve participants into collective analysis of the location characteristics.


Second walk focused on multi-scalar characteristic of sound, sound-panoramas and sound-section of the location.


Finally, performative potential of the sound explorations has been presented by giving audience props to ‘design’ their own soundscapes.

Made in Omnitopia_Meaningful interaction without words

Last week we hosted performance Made in Omnitopia, work of Paula Marie Hildebrandt and Natalie Fari.

The concept of Omnitopia, originally coined by American scholar Andrew Wood, provided a theoretical starting point and practical framework for the performance project Made In Omnitopia-Berlin 2013, serious of performative interactions without words.

After testing their concept inside Fitness Centre, Mall and Wireless bubble, two artists decided to incorporate Kiosk-situation into series of performances to document the process through which places become Omnitopia.

Photos > Michaela Muchina 

LOCAL MAPPING_ZKU park soundscapes_session 1

Continuing with the Local Mapping format with our friends Guille and Klaus from Sound Studies (UDK), we will explore the soundscapes of the public park around ZKU, going beyond traditional cartography and searching for hidden layers of our deep-map.

In the first session we tried to locate prevailing sounds from outside of the park that create strong feeling of periphery (Port crane, Railway, Industrial sounds, etc.), recording them both at the park and at the source. By doing so, specific points of ‘sounds-interaction’ have been discovered at the park and some physically distanced sound has been considered as integrative part of the local soundscape.

Our new location: Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U)

Situated in a former railway depot, Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) is a venue offering artistic and research residencies at the intersection of urban studies, humanities, artistic interventionist, anthropology and geography. ZK/U seeks to develop projects, co-produce knowledge and share values created through exchanges.

Our focus will be on establishing interface between newly landscaped public park and ZK/U itself, inviting artists, locals and external guests to develop novel cultural formats and knowledge-exchange models.

Sound-cartography, objects/artifacts-driven ethnographical research, performative-planning and urban games are just some of the topic we are preparing for this spring-summer.

Stay tuned !

Bye Bye PLATOON, welcome ZK/U

New Location. New Topic/Focus. New Socio-Spatial conditions we found. Randstadt.

Thanks Platoon for hosting us !

Hosting Facadeprinter

Many curious people pop-up at K67_Urban Router invited by the sound of  Facadeprinter, which is a simple robot that allows shooting out large scale graphics onto wall.

Facadeprinter is a part of Platoon Kunsthalle Showcase where is going to stay next 2 weeks.

Don’t miss this awesome piece !

Urban Furniture

Beside technological side of K67 experiment, we also engage in the straightforward micro-urbanism interventions.

Fixing our first location required lots of manual work. Together with our friends Diego, Stefan and Juan, we transform trash-pile corner into inviting place, using leftovers of recently built Platoon Kunsthalle.

More actions soon!

Opening_K67_Urban Router

Despite bad weather many friends came for the opening of K67_Urban Router. We tested together initial infrastructure (RelaxxPlayer, Voting Machine and Own Cloud) and got valuable comments from the curios pedestrians but also from some experts (such as David Darts _Pirate Box maker).

Our list of ‘services’ is going to grow in the following weeks, making new formats of cultural interactions possible.

Stay tuned !

K67_building it up

Den Kiosk in die Schönhauser Allee zu kriegen, war schwerer als gedacht. Aber nach zwei Fahrten mit der Robbe nach Weimar wars geschafft. Nur noch putzen, reparieren und wieder zusammen setzen, und fertig.

K67_prefab archeology

history of K67 kiosk and search for the new functions…


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Our first location

k67_ parasite at Platoon Kunsthalle cultural hub /  Berlin_Aug-Oct. 2012

Just another kiosk under the tree