Last session of Kinoautomat hosted Juan and Matthias, randomly chosen from the pool of candidates. They watched Argentinean movie B.Aires-Solo por Hoy (2001). Check out what they said:

‘’Watching a movie in the smallest Kino in Berlin was an interesting experience, yet the size of the space was not the only remarkable aspect of the event. The facts that the walls enclosing the kiosk are completely transparent enable people from outside to peep in, thus making you feel like you are in a fish tank. Even if nobody is looking or even walking by you are still tempted to take a quick glance over your shoulder from time to time. Another feature that I think is worth mentioning is the possibility to make quick comments about the movie without having to worry about disturbing anybody else which is something you can only usually enjoy at home. Overall, watching a movie in such a setting was a good experience and I look forward to the next Kino night.’’ (Juan)

‘’Beside unusual setting and quite diverse movies selection, the most interesting thing was getting to know temporary movie-mate. That experience, different than in conventional cinema, gives possibility to comment together, to chat over boring scenes, to get a beer after cinema. I have been lucky that from very beginning my cine-mate and me get into ‘home atmosphere’, meaning putting legs on the table, eating popcorns and stopping movie to go to toilet. And just to remind you, all this in the public space in the centre of Berlin. Hard to believe! ‘’  (Matthias)

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08 2012