LOCAL MAPPING_Topography of Typography_session 2

Mapping diversity of typography inside the Kiosk-cloud brought unpredictable outcomes.

First of all, it is almost impossible to catch all typo-styles, even in such a small geographical area. Secondly, by creating different categories (Adds, Corporative logos, Tags, Graffiti, etc.) we noticed certain accumulations and factors beside. Lastly, we developed quite interesting game in which participants have to create haiku-poetry (out of collected words) and place it on the map tracing the word order.

Some highlights :

> Caviar für jedermann. 7 tage nix arbeiten geht aux. Easy Life !

> Dies ist Crazy East under Biodroge. Allet Keule !

> Piss on Disco without limits. F..K the Police makes life easier.


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09 2012