LOCAL MAPPING_soundscapes of the kiosk-cloud_session 3

Invisible features of our kiosk-cloud have been analyzed through observations of the soundscape.

We hosted Guillermo Lares, sound designer and researcher at the Sound Studies (UDK, Berlin), who showed us at first ‘how to listen’, but also how to deconstruct complex noise using the spatial qualities of the given spot. After introduction we did sort of section through location, measuring sounds embedded in particular spatial situations (barriers, doubling, material reflections, nature itself, etc.). Moving in-between marked spots also showed transition characteristics such as fading out/in or micro-sounds.

Results will be presented in the form of advanced audio-guide and put soon at our offline-server accessible only on site.

Next soundscapes-session is scheduled for 2nd of October (2pm) when we are going to produce and repeat sounds through diverse spatial conditions in order to measure resonance of the kiosk-cloud.

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09 2012