Exhibition ‘People’s (Re)public’_by Cleaner Art Space

July 25th – August 30th, photo/postcards exhibition by Cleaner Art Space (Gallery on Critical Urbanism)

Summer, Sun, Holidays…What about sending some postcards? Our guests from Shanghai present serial of ‘critical postcards’, catching particular moments of urban informalities in the contemporary Chinese urban development.

‘People’s (Re)public’ focus at the specific urban condition of ‘appropriation’. It often balances in between the formal and informal but is not limited to this. The topic investigates people’s appropriation of space to a use not intended by its preliminary design or planning.

The exhibition questions the modern ‘planned city’ in regard of who is actually animating urban space. Is it architects, planners, lawmakers, investors, or the inhabitants and users them selves? A number of examples show the city from a use occurring by its inhabitants. A use that from a design point was likely not planned.

Focus is on people’s own appropriations of spaces and public facilities around them that due to shortcomings, or simply because another use than intended is more popular or necessary, have made use for alternate activities.

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