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Wärmehalle_session 2_Objective Dialogues with Grenzen-Los!

Build on the initial workshop Hör zu! in which Objective Dialogues methodology has been introduced to the group of young theatre players from JTB/Grenzen-Los!, our second workshop focused on the cultural objects from Moabit. They have been used as a triggers to speculate about real and fictional history of the districts, as a relational elements in creating the dramaturgy and above all as an activated props inside 3-minute pieces we developed on site.

Our final piece will be presented this summer at ZKU and later in october in FESTIWALLA at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.


04 2013

Hosting Facadeprinter

Many curious people pop-up at K67_Urban Router invited by the sound of  Facadeprinter, which is a simple robot that allows shooting out large scale graphics onto wall.

Facadeprinter is a part of Platoon Kunsthalle Showcase where is going to stay next 2 weeks.

Don’t miss this awesome piece !


08 2012

K67_prefab archeology

history of K67 kiosk and search for the new functions…


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07 2012