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LOCAL MAPPING_Moabitours_(re)discovering local knowledge

Structural change in Moabit, with strong shift in micro-economic dynamics, left many ground-floor shops either vacant or in the danger of expulsion. This situation is rapidly changing ‘street-culture’ of the district, bringing into life sterile shopping possibilities, less interaction between citizens and further social fragmentations. On the other hand, local shops with particular knowledge forms and non-commercial purpose have difficulties to justify their presence in competitive (real-estate driven) situation.

Together with our friends from Stadtgeschichten, we are trying to develop communication strategies in order to introduce new forms of ‘local proud’. Once famous entrepreneurial district of Moabit , where innovation has long tradition, could re-discover its cultural identity based on industrial heritage and citizen’s diversity.

We are planning didactic-tours based on exchange of ideas, skills and cultural objects. Stay tuned !



04 2013

Wärmehalle_session 1_Hosting Grenzen-Los! initiative

Our first format at ZK/U location Wärmehalle (Heated-Hall), imagined as a series of dialogues and interviews inside the warmed kiosk, hosted local initiative Grenzen-Los! , organization dedicated to political education of youth through theatrical expression.

Wärmehalle is reference to historically relevant but almost forgotten cultural phenomenon of shared heated spaces. At the beginning of 20th century, facing rather poor housing conditions and significant amount of homeless people, Berlin authorities decided to provide collective spaces in which anybody can hang-out with the cup of coffee and newspapers (of course for free). More than just solidarity act and social space for many citizens in the winter time, Wärmehalle became place of micro-exchanges and social interaction.

With the central question What is the Wärmehalle of today? we will host local initiatives, social entrepreneurs and heroes from Moabit in order to discuss modalities of social cohesion, novel knowledge-exchange formats and current social turbulence caused by real-estate pressure.

After chat with the Grenzen-Los ! we decided to make together a theatre-piece that is going to be performed around the kiosk this summer.


03 2013

Our new location: Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U)

Situated in a former railway depot, Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) is a venue offering artistic and research residencies at the intersection of urban studies, humanities, artistic interventionist, anthropology and geography. ZK/U seeks to develop projects, co-produce knowledge and share values created through exchanges.

Our focus will be on establishing interface between newly landscaped public park and ZK/U itself, inviting artists, locals and external guests to develop novel cultural formats and knowledge-exchange models.

Sound-cartography, objects/artifacts-driven ethnographical research, performative-planning and urban games are just some of the topic we are preparing for this spring-summer.

Stay tuned !


03 2013