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LOCAL MAPPING_sound maps of the kiosk-cloud_session 4

Second part of the soundscapes-mapping was devoted to the spatial characteristics of the kiosk-cloud by catching ambient sounds at specific spots (this time with 4 microphones /360°), but also repeating two very different sounds (trumpet/wooden sticks).

Final sound-maps has been thematically grouped as: sounds made by nature itself, machine-like sounds produced by people (local), machine-like sounds from unknown source/direction and sounds made by people itself (inside the cloud).

Two main cloud-sections has been also mapped and presented as rhythmic sequences, giving possibility for a short sound-journey.

Hear it here >  claves 1357   /  horn calle


10 2012

U R offline now !

Ones you enter K67_Wlan network on-site  you are automatically offline. But dont worry, it does not hurt.

We have plenty of services in our offline-cloud.


08 2012

Opening_K67_Urban Router

Despite bad weather many friends came for the opening of K67_Urban Router. We tested together initial infrastructure (RelaxxPlayer, Voting Machine and Own Cloud) and got valuable comments from the curios pedestrians but also from some experts (such as David Darts _Pirate Box maker).

Our list of ‘services’ is going to grow in the following weeks, making new formats of cultural interactions possible.

Stay tuned !


08 2012

Workshop 1 _Site specific W-lan configuration_OwnCloud


Wetterfrosh / Newthinking  / Stadtwerke Berlin



07 2012

Our first location

k67_ parasite at Platoon Kunsthalle cultural hub /  Berlin_Aug-Oct. 2012

Just another kiosk under the tree


07 2012