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LOCAL MAPPING_ZKU park soundscapes_session 1

Continuing with the Local Mapping format with our friends Guille and Klaus from Sound Studies (UDK), we will explore the soundscapes of the public park around ZKU, going beyond traditional cartography and searching for hidden layers of our deep-map.

In the first session we tried to locate prevailing sounds from outside of the park that create strong feeling of periphery (Port crane, Railway, Industrial sounds, etc.), recording them both at the park and at the source. By doing so, specific points of ‘sounds-interaction’ have been discovered at the park and some physically distanced sound has been considered as integrative part of the local soundscape.


03 2013

LOCAL MAPPING_sound maps of the kiosk-cloud_session 4

Second part of the soundscapes-mapping was devoted to the spatial characteristics of the kiosk-cloud by catching ambient sounds at specific spots (this time with 4 microphones /360°), but also repeating two very different sounds (trumpet/wooden sticks).

Final sound-maps has been thematically grouped as: sounds made by nature itself, machine-like sounds produced by people (local), machine-like sounds from unknown source/direction and sounds made by people itself (inside the cloud).

Two main cloud-sections has been also mapped and presented as rhythmic sequences, giving possibility for a short sound-journey.

Hear it here >  claves 1357   /  horn calle


10 2012

LOCAL MAPPING_soundscapes of the kiosk-cloud_session 3

Invisible features of our kiosk-cloud have been analyzed through observations of the soundscape.

We hosted Guillermo Lares, sound designer and researcher at the Sound Studies (UDK, Berlin), who showed us at first ‘how to listen’, but also how to deconstruct complex noise using the spatial qualities of the given spot. After introduction we did sort of section through location, measuring sounds embedded in particular spatial situations (barriers, doubling, material reflections, nature itself, etc.). Moving in-between marked spots also showed transition characteristics such as fading out/in or micro-sounds.

Results will be presented in the form of advanced audio-guide and put soon at our offline-server accessible only on site.

Next soundscapes-session is scheduled for 2nd of October (2pm) when we are going to produce and repeat sounds through diverse spatial conditions in order to measure resonance of the kiosk-cloud.


09 2012